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North Delta Office
3007 N. Delta Hwy., Suite 206
Eugene, OR  97408
Phone: 541-345-3660
Fax: 541-345-3678





Meet Our Team

Our team is committed to your exceptional experience. Meet the team of professionals here for you to ensure your successful transactions providing the industry’s leading solutions and dedication to service.

Wanda Carter
AVP | Escrow Branch Manager
Office:  541-345-3660
Fax: 844-753-9136
Robbie Shyrer
AVP | Escrow Officer
Office:  541-345-3660
Fax: 541-345-3678
Kristie Bonar
Escrow Officer
Office:  541-345-3660
Fax: 541-345-3678

Christina Hamaker
Escrow Assistant to Wanda Carter
Office:  541-345-3660
Fax:  844-753-9136
Elvia Holmes
Escrow Coordinator / Officer
(541) 684-7829 Office
(541) 683-5437 Fax
Joelle Burnett
Escrow Assistant to Kristie Bonar
Direct:  541-345-3009
Fax:  541-345-3678