Do you need help with the new SmartMail & SmartPortal system? 

Not only is your security of utmost priorty to us, but we also want to make sure the process is as smooth as possible. Please access the following directory of helpful guides below for further information. 

Do you need extra help? We are here for you! Please contact your local Sales Executive with any of your questions.  


1) Accessing SmartPortal with Two-Factor Authentication: Click Here to View/Save
This guide reviews the entire recipient experience, including the steps for a recipient to add a mobile number, if necessary.


2) Updating SmartPortal User Profile: Click Here to View/Save
This guide reviews only the steps for a recipient to add their mobile number to their user profile.


3) Recipient Access: Click Here to View/Save
This updated guide reviews the SmartMail login process, including two-factor authentication, as well as the features available to each recipient.


4) Complete User Guide: Click Here to View/Save
This udated guide reviews new user registration, recipient access, and all troubleshooting guides for password resets and pop-up blocker setting changes.


5) Troubleshooting Guide for PopUps: Click Here to View/Save


6) VIDEO: Accessing SmartPortal with Two-Factor Authentication 


7) DOWNLOADABLE PRESENTATION: Two-Factor Authentication